// About us Starting its operations in 1973, ÇELİKBİLEK Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş is providing services to its customers in the product groups of lifting equipments, crane systems, stackers with its experience of 40 years and with its expert team in the areas of sales, service, spare parts. In all our business processes and relations, correctness and fairness are our priority values. We act in fairness and correctness in our relations with our employees and all our business partners. // History Our company, having started its operations in the subject of technical hardware in 1973 under the name of ÇELİKBİLEK KOLL. ŞTİ. in Perşembe Pazarı, is proud to have established his sister company Kümsan A.Ş' with the aim to start the works for the production in our country of overhead cranes which were mostly imported from Russia in 1976, serving the industry through production. // Service Network Çelikbilek Makine, with its professional operation principle has expanded its quality and service approach throughout Turkey with the aim to provide service with the same quality to every region of Turkey. Adding to our organization with every passing year the General Distributorship for Turkey of leading companies in the sector we pursue uninterruptedly our operations as your solution partner in Lifting and Transportation Systems. // Our Quality Policy Being aware that we are in a world of ever increasing competition and aiming to preserve our presence in the world through growth, we have embraced Total Quality Management as our philosophy of Life.

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